Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Maybe A Case of Adding Insult to Injury?

[From our local paper a while back. The name has been deleted because this was probably embarrassing enough for the dude.]

Man Arrested After Naked Run Downtown
Andrew M., 21, of Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., was arrested at 2:41 a.m. Sunday for public indecency after streaking through downtown Athens, Athens-Clarke police said. "M" was chased by multiple officers north on North Jackson Street, then east on East Clayton Street before being tackled, according to an incident report. He was treated by EMS for road rash and then was taken to the Clarke County Jail, police added. Article can be found here.

[And might I add my own commentary. . . .YIKES! I just can't decide who had the worst end of the deal, so to speak--the police officers doing the tackling of the running naked guy, the tackled naked guy with the "road rash," or the EMS guy treating the tackled, naked guy with the road rash. ~cn]


madrekarin said...

Oh my gosh. That really isn't funny but it did make me chuckle. That reminds me of the time my sister and I saw a young man taking his clothes off just after the 14th Street exit on 75N. He was having an absolute hissy fit over something and as each piece came off, he threw it in the road. he had a book of some sort that he just started tearing pages out of and throwing them as well. He stormed off and we so wish we knew what happened to him while we were at Ikea. I guess we'll never know.
People sure are funny.

Erika's Cupboard said...

Hi Cathy...thanks for leaving a post on my blog a couple months ago!!! LOL Yes I am just now getting back to work after a month and a half of getting my only child ready for graduation.
I'll catch up on all your postings soon. LOL I miss reading everyone's blogs! Feel like Ive been outta the loop waaaay too long.
Blessing to you-Erika

Lori said...

yikes indeed!!! how about the poor ER nurse who had to apply salve to the naked guy with road rash:(

BittersweetPunkin said...

Well Cathy...all I can say about that is...thanks for the visual! I have to keep blog hopping to get it out of my head.....


Kari & Kijsa said...

Starting our morning with a chuckle!!

kari & kijsa

Rebecca Ramsey said...

This is too funny. Aren't people amazing! You've got to love them!
Thanks for the laugh!

Julie said...

oh yes, they call him the streak...
boogedy, boogedy!!!

Sorry, I couldn't help myself!


cindy said...

As I read, "policemean tackled" I thought, "EEEWWWWWWWWWWWW". Then, "Road Rash" I thought, "OUCH, yeah, that's gonna leave a mark!". Sigh...did'nt give a thought to the poor EMS...I guess those guys see everything. Thanks for the laugh. Great as always.


Tipper said...

Like Julie I started thinking about the streak and "hes over by the maters ethel don't look".

Bebe said...

Hi Cathy,
Thanks for your cool note over the weekend! I did get the a/c fixed FINALLY on Monday afternoon. I think I sweated off 10 pounds. I can really pick a weekend, can't I? :)

Loved reading about this guy! You see all sorts of things in Athens these days. It reminds me of that part in "Porky's" where Pee-Wee is running down the road in the middle of the night and the cops see him. It's a good thing this guy got cuffed on the ground at 3am. Can you imagine his hitting the pavement in this heatwave about 3 PM? Talk about road rash....

Still chuckling,
Bebe :)

CCs Whimsies said...

Cathy... You just made my day!!! Thank you, and I hope you keep coming over to my Whimsie house! Talk to you soon... Smiles! Christy

Genevieve said...

Speaking as a person that has been in EMS you never get used to naked strangers! Hehe! Road rash eeeek!

The Burp Cloth Babe said...

Road rash? Isn't that some kind of a breach of personal info for a newspaper to print? Too much info...ooooh...a visual image ...yuck!

Patti said...

Thanks for the ggg - I really needed that tonight!

Suzanne said...


Twinville said...

Awwww...no big deal.

Lemme tell you 'bout the time I was working at the BWI airport for a rental car company.
I was sitting on the phone, bored out of my gourd telling a friend my life was so boring and nothing exciting ever happened to me at all.

Well a few minutes later, during the airline 'push' with hordes of people walking down to baggage claim, a naked man....well except for a blue baseball cap, sauntered through the terminal.

It might have been fun if he had been cute, but he was sort of Charles-Manson-looking with loads of hair all over his butt and back and...er....man parts.

Imagine my surprise when he changed directions and started walking towards me. Yep, and with me in a small cubicle with only one way out....the same direction towards where the naked man was walking.

Hah! So what did I do?

What any sane person would do!

I dived under my desk!

A few minutes later it was all over when the police showed up and made him cover his man parts with his blue baseball cap.

I can promise you that I never told anyone I was lacking excitement ever again.

And you want to know what I was given for my next birthday?

Tim Allen's book "Don't stand too close to a Naked Man"