Saturday, April 20, 2013

Flopsy Bunny (Archives)

Flopsy Bunny

This sweet little guy
is dressed as a shy, floppy-eared bunny,
complete with a little fluffy bunny-rabbit tail.

He stands atop a recycled ribbon spool
and carries a small bunch of carrots.

He also holds a paper sign which says,
"Hoppy Easter."

Paper, and paper clay.
5" tall.

Halloween Veggie Man (Archives)


Halloween Veggie Man
Inspired by vintage Halloween postcards,
this roly poly guy is sure to bring a smile.
He grins from ear to ear
and holds a small, handmade vintage-style noise maker.
In his other hand he carries
a vintage mercury glass ornament.
 This Happy Halloween Veggie Man wears old fashioned overalls,
a paper party hat, and a hand made crepe fringe collar.
(Check out his back pocket: 
tucked inside is a green and white checked hankie!)
He is made from paper clay and paper,
 and stands atop a cardboard base.
10" overall.