Thursday, July 31, 2008

"Whistle While You Work" (Snow White)

Finally a chance to catch up on some housekeeping. Puh-lease, not the dusting and vacuuming kind of housekeeping (I never make time . . I mean. . . have any time to catch up on that. Although if you ask my kids, they say that my spring cleaning knows no seasonal boundaries.) Anyway, this is housekeeping of the blog kind. I've been so busy with kids and deadlines that I haven't had time to publicly acknowledge these fine blogs and their thoughtfulness in tagging me for an award. A week or so ago I was given an Artey Pico award by Jeannene at Love Conquers All. If you have a chance, swing by her lovely piece of blog-land--she always has something fun or inspirational to see. Thanks Jeannene.
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And two weeks ago (or more) I received another little award from Tammy over at The Olde Hollow Crowe. Cruise over to Tammy's blog for great blue grass music and prim wonders. Thanks Tammy, and so sorry it took me so long.

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And lastly, a tag from Alias Liz Jones. If you haven't discovered Alias Liz Jones, aka Liz Jones, you must go directly over to her blog right now. Do not pass "Go," do not collect $200. She is hilariously hilarious.

So, I'm supposed to answer the following questions.

1. What is Your Favorite Quotable Line From a Movie:
I wish I could say that my favorite line was from a classic movie or some trendy independent film (imagine that word "film" said with an ultra hip, Beverly Hills accent) or something from Casablanca, or Schindler's List, or even Gone With the Wind; but honestly my brain is so crammed full of years of watching kid movies that it seems that these are the only lines I can think of. "It's that Poppins woman!" and "Posts, everyone!" from Mary Poppins; and from Chicken Run, "It's a chicken farm, and we're the chickens!" This line from Bambi, "If ya can't say somethin' nice, don't say nothin' at all." And in recent years we've watched a lot of Napoleon Dynamite: "Do the chickens have large talons?" and "My lips hurt real bad." Wish I could come up with something else, but I'll think about that tomorrow. Tomorrow's another day.

2. Who is The Most Famous Person That You've Talked To:
I was on the Bozo show once when I was about 4 years old. It was terrifying. Have you seen that guy's hair?! I still harbor an irrational fear of clowns. And I spoke to Heisman trophy winner Hershel Walker once in college. He actually carried my suitcase in for me when I was moving into a dorm. I'm sure he remembers it as the highlight of his life.
3. How many Bags/Boxes of Potato Chips are consumed in your house per Month:
Three or four cans of Pringles probably.

4.What Foreign Food Dish Do You Prepare From Scratch and Serve:
From scratch? Um, tacos? I don't actually make the tortillas, or slaughter the cow for the filling, but I usually assemble all of the components for the kids. And I do grow our tomatoes.

5.What Is Your Favorite Section At The Super Market:
Definitely the coffee row. I love the smell. And speaking of super markets. Not long ago I was minding my own business in the dairy aisle, trying to find the latest expiration date on a $4 gallon of milk, when out of the blue some guy with a mullet asked me if I just slapped his rear end. I turned around in shock: 'What an impertinent thing to say," (quote from Mary Poppins, btw) I thought. I was taken off-guard by such an odd question, but managed a response, "Uh, no, I'm happily married, thank you very much." Turns out his lady friend (who was laughing hysterically several feet away) had done the deed and walked away so it looked like it was me.
"I don't get no respect I tell ya, no respect at all." (Rodney Dangerfield)

6. What Was Your High School Team's Mascot and What Were Your School Colors:
An eagle. Red, white, and blue.
Now I'm supposed to nominate some people for these awards. This is where it gets stressful for me, and I'm so terrible at doing this part. I love you all, and honestly I try to check in regularly on all of the sites listed on my blog roll. So in a middle-kid-people-pleaser kind of way, I would say that if you're reading this consider yourself nominated.


Alias Liz Jones said...

I see what you mean about the Captcha bouncers.
"It's a chicken farm and we're the chickens" is a good one.
Bozo is scary. That hair of his is awful and the pale face? It's enough to shock a child for sure. I'm going to consider myself nominated again. No, that wouldn't work.
Thanks also for your kind words.

cindy said...

LOL! funny at the milk case! And with a mullet? Ewwwwwwwww. Course I guess that answers the question, "Was he hot?". LOL. Love your movie lines! And you grow toms...wish you lived next door!


Jann said...

Oh my gosh, my sides hurt from laughing so hard--I still think you should write a book! Oh, and I can soooo understand the quotes from the movies part--I know all those movies you quoted from so well!