Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Black Plague

Have your okra plants ever gotten black aphids? Last summer ours were literally covered. We've always tried to garden with as little chemical-presence as possible, so to protect our future okra harvest, my husband got something (supposedly environmentally friendly) to spray the plants. He sprayed the little buggies, but it turns out this "environmentally friendly" concoction not only takes care of aphids, but in the process it harms . . . no. . . it obliterates the leaves too. It pretty much killed all new and old leaf growth and we were left with black, shriveled leaves, and eventually sad, naked stems. A few of the plants did manage to bounce back but hardly enough to even bother picking. This year we didn't even plant okra, and it's the squash which has been invaded by some sort of creepy, smelly creature that literally mulitplies overnight. In the beginning we tried the environmentally gentle tactic of killing the bugs one at a time. Then the more agressive tactic of removing the infected leaves. All to no avail. Yesterday the plants were overcome with millions of the creatures. I fought the bugs and the bugs won. I'm beginning to wonder if organic gardening is for the birds. Maybe it's responsible for soaring gas prices, Enron, or quite possibly even the break-up of Brad and Jennifer. We have certainly done our part to protect the environment and to assure the continued survival of a variety of species of insects, parasites, fungi, and many 4 legged mammals (one of which is our dog who eats the stalks of my sunflowers.) I am almost ready to pull out the napalm.


Alias Liz Jones said...

The Brad and Jennifer comment made me laugh. I think that may be what went wrong with my impatients. That, or Angelina's twins.
I have no clue regarding the organic gardening. If you only knew how domestically challenged that I can be.
Good luck!

Lori said...

well, i am a little alarmed to hear that you have access to napalm...not quite as alarmed as i might be if my name were "black aphid" or even "friendly"...LOL...loved the post...hates those arch nemesis in the garden is the dreaded japanese beetles!!! they are here and happily eating all of the green off of my flowers...nasty buggers!!!

cindy said...

On our one quest to go organic, which involved killing fleas on our two cats, we ruined the carpet and set off an asthma attack on the boy cat. He had to be rushed to animal emergency @ 10:30 at night and it cost us almost $200. Yep, gotta love going green.

: D


Designs by CK said...

Eeeew aphids!!! LOL '-)

Hope this note finds you well.

Spooky Hugs,

Tipper said...

I feel your pain!

Jeannene said...

Hi Cathy,

So sorry to hear of those "nasty black aphids"...ewwww!! Good luck on least or I hope you don't have "CRAB GRASS" like we do, that is so hard to get rid of...and it spreads too! "YUCK!!"

I enjoyed reading your
"Random Quotes" on your side bar. Stop by today there is a special little something for you there OK, maybe that will get your mind off of the horrible aphids..(I hope)!


Mica said...

hey there !!! Tahnks for the e-mail. Hope you will overcome this infestation. See ya later !!! Mica

Lorraine said...

LOL!! You just can't beat those bugs!! We've been lucky so far..."fingers crossed!" I'm just afraid that we're going to go out one morning and find that the groundhogs feasted on everything!!hahaha!
Other than the bugs, hope your summer is going good!!:o)

Doreen said...

OH are having a bit of trouble...we do the organic gardening thing our vegtable garden..but we have a seperate pumpkin patch..and I've not been able to do it with the pumpkins..they get those darn yellow and black bugs..zillions of them...they are called cucumber beetles...each year I have to spray to get rid of those. Thankfully, i only have to spray once and they are gone..but if I don't catch them in time..they will eat every damn blossom and I won't have any pumpkins!! They say to plant marigolds and geraniums along with your vegtables and that will keep most all the bugs next year I'm going to do just that.

Best of luck with the sure made me laugh with the brad and jen comment!


Tam said...

so feeling YA!

Pam said...

It's that time of year, isn't it....things are going along just fine, and then...ZAP! All kinds of strange little creatures begin to show up on the plants. My hostas are getting bombarded with "something."
I enjoyed the parade pics....looks like a great day.
Hope you have a terrific weekend,

Mary Isabella said...

Wishing you a weekend filled with lots of good things....Mary

Jann said...

I sprayed the aphids on my roses several months ago with this type of soap spray that I bought at Home Depot--it's supposed to be much, much safer than pesticides. It worked great, but I'll be darned if I can remember the name of it--I am going to Idaho to check on our house that refuses to get sold, and I'll look then and let you know for future "crops"--so sorry about your okra. I've never tasted okra . . . take care, Jann