Saturday, July 26, 2008

Big News

I just wanted to share this interesting letter I received recently. The envelope was ordinary enough, and in fact, I tossed it aside with the hateful envelope from AARP and the other junk mail, and promptly forgot about it as I immersed myself in the latest issue of Home Companion. That is, until my daughter opened it for me and informed me of my good fortune. Apparently I am now eligible to participate in this year's Miss Teen Atlanta competition. Wait, did I read that correctly. . . Miss TEEN Atlanta?? After all these years, finally someone gives me my due. Oh so much to do, so little time. And the best part is that the letter says that there is no swimsuit or talent competition. I'm actually relieved about the talent portion of the contest because mostly my talents would include folding laundry, washing windows, and refereeing sibling rivalry. But it is too bad about the swimsuit part because I'm sure I'd own the show in this little vintage number.

That looks just like me. And I'm even working on perfecting my speaking skills. "I think that we as US Americans . . ."


But that isn't the really big news. "Wha!?" you say, "Bigger than a 40-something being invited to participate in a teen beauty pageant? What could possibly be bigger than that?!" This is big. Really big. Bigger than sliced bread. Bigger than the media's attention to Obama's rockstar world tour. Bigger than Celebrity Circus and Celebrity Family Feud -- combined. Oh, I have something bigger than that. A while back, you may remember meeting my son's college roommate, Jude, who came for a week-long visit out here in the country. He's been a great roommate for our son over the past year, but it seems that our son has decided to get a new roommate in January. Meet the new roommate. We love her even more than we love Jude.

The wedding is planned for January 1-- a New Year's Day wedding!! Isn't that the coolest thing you've ever heard. A new year, a new life together. I only hope that being a mother of the groom won't affect my chances at the Miss Teen Atlanta pageant.


Lori said...

hee hee:) i am laughing my butt off here...and wondering how you got on that mailing of life's little mysteries i guess...well, they don't know what they are missing, i am sure you would look smashing in that fetching bathing costume!!!

congratulations to your son!!! he picked a real cutie!!!

Alias Liz Jones said...

Cathy, that's too funny. The last contest that I was in, was in 3rd grade. I was a contestant for Miss Harvest. I lost. I had a black velvet dress and all. If I didn't make it them, with my perfect skin, well, my chances are getting dimmer.
Congratulations on the new room mate! She's very lovely. I'm sure that you'll still qualify though. Oh and I think that the AARP is a hateful group of folk.

Victorian Lady said...

Wow...congratulations on both counts!! Remember to put Vaseline over your teeth for a smoother smile! Maybe you could wear the evening gown as a Mother of the Groom dress too! :)

How cute!


Anonymous said...

Why Cathy, I think that swimsuit would get you in first place.
And you would wish for world peace, right?
Congratulations on the wedding and I think Miss Teen Atlanta would be a good title to go with Ms. Grandma before long maybe??? lol.
Have a great week.

Jan said...

Good luck with that. I think you will do great.

We get one all the time for our son. Yes our son. He hates that fact.

Cute picture.

Jeannene said...

I so agree with Lori (Faerie Window)...

You had me laughing and grinning, Thank you since I have been quite emotional about my son's first day of school today!!

Congratulations to your SON and YOU!! I am so happy for you all. I am sure you will keep us posted cathy. PS. She looks like a keeper to me...:-))

Big Hugs to you,

Connie said...

Well, you s*xy vixen you, my sweet teen heartthrob!!! Where in the world do I sign up for that contest.....I'm eligible if you consider I was born during WWII and can actually truly confess to being a calendar girl for an online forum!! Yessssssss, it's true!! I was Miss April, my lovely little blogging chicks!! But I can't share the pix for fear of breaking some man's heart if seen here!! Oooooh, sigh..........the stress of being famous, my little chickadees.........sigh........

Thimbleanna said...

You're hysterical! I hate to burst your bubble, but I'll bet they have rules about being a mother-in-law AND being able to participate in the pageant. Perhaps your son would wait just for you???

The DIL-to-be is lovely! Congratulations to you all -- being the Mother of the Groom is very exciting!

The Burp Cloth Babe said...

Oh my, so funny. You would be a better "miss teen" than my eldest brother. (He was sent an invite a few years back...we still tease him.) You would look pretty cute in that vintage suit, though.

Cute new roommate pic, too. :)

PS Check out my Tues. Toot in the am if you have time.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Isn't that a hoot!!!?? Now I would've loved to have seen you modeling that sleek little number!

Congrats to Jude and his fiance!


Melissa said...

No wonder Miss Teen wants you....just look at your photo! Yowser!! How can you have children old enough for marriage? Yikes! Where does the time go? Congrats on your wonderful news. Both of them!

BittersweetPunkin said...

Maybe you should send your Miss Teen letter to the AARP so they will leave you alone. I keep writing on my solicitations that I'm only 41, then I mail it back....only to get it again a few weeks later. LOL

Congrats on the engagement!!

jillian said...

Go for it!!! I personally think we need a creative papier mache artist /blogger representing all of us at the Miss Teen pageant. We could all be of great help to ensure your success. For instance, I'm sure there is a fashion coordinater reading through these blogs and we could all help with your inspirational speech! Please say you'll do it!!

Congrats on your son's engagement. How exciting!!

Stink Bone Jones said...

Congrats on the new wedding nuptials and on your new Pageant placement. Please remember to duct tape your breats so they do not pop out of anything and they look extra special.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Would you happen to live near Woodstock, Ga? I have a good friend that lives there.

TattingChic said...

ROFLOL!!! OMGoodness! I love it...let us all know how well you do on that pageant! You speech it's so... so... original! Yes, that's the word I'm looking for... original.
Congrats on the upcoming weddng of your son! That must be so exciting for the whole family. She looks like a lovely girl.

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

I was tempted to show up at the pageant just to see what the reaction would be. It would almost be worth a trip to Atlanta, except the last time I drove there it literally took me 1 1/2 hours to drive two miles. Two miles. I can walk faster than that, even if AARP is after me.

Jacquelynne said...

Wow, that pageant WOULD be a great way for you to meet new friends with interests similar to yours... you could discuss things like MySpace, Zach Efron, and becoming a mother-in-law. How bizarre!
But anyway, congratulations and good luck on the upcoming nuptuals and pageant!

cindy said...

LOL! really should write a book! Too funny. So congrats! For the upcoming nuptials and your entrance into the teem title comp. You will have my vote! : D


meg said...

Congratulations, MIL-to-be :-)
That will look good on the application, really ;-)

Tipper said...

Lots of excitment at your house! Can't wait to see the wedding pics and hopefully the pageant pics too (it would be such a hoot!). Except you might should keep the wedding a secret from the officials.

Charmingdesigns said...

That is sooo funny. Your future DIL looks is good! Laurie

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Cathy, I say go for it! I'll be cheering you on! Too funny!
And what wonderful news! Your daughter-in-law to be is just beautiful!
Congratulations to all!

NeereAnDear said...

I dont think I have laughed so hard in ages.... I would love to be a fly on the wall had you actually shown up just to see their reaction...

Congratulations on the upcoming wedding...



Suzanne said...

You'd make an adorable pageant contestant! Your daughter-in-law-to-be is adorable too! Congratulations to your family.

Julie said...

Congrats on both your invitation and the impending nuptials.