Friday, May 1, 2009

A Rose By Any Other Name. . .

[Editor's note: H1N1. . . Swine flu. . . porcine-created disaster. Whatever, you call it, things are beginning to get ugly. I read this article today in our local paper, and it made me a little uneasy; but for different reasons than you may think. Being in middle school is hard enough these days, and I'm not sure just who overreacted the most: the mom, the 13 year old kid with the mask, the teachers, the other students, the pig? It makes today, "May Day" have an entirely new meaning. Puh-lease!! Maybe the world should take a collective time-out.
Common sense, people. Common sense. Everyone, please just take a deep (filtered ;) breath, wash your hands frequently, and get a grip. Then wash your hands again.]


Student sent home for keeping flu mask on
By Associated Press Athens Banner-Herald Story updated at 10:35 pm on 4/30/2009

COVINGTON - A seventh-grader who wore a mask given to him by his mother to guard against swine flu was sent home from from school after he refused to remove it.
Newton County school system spokeswoman Sherri V. said the 13-year-old created a disturbance when he arrived with the mask on Thursday and rumors began to spread that he had the virus.
V. said people started to panic and get scared.
The student's mother, Angela C. of Covington, said she plans to send him to school today wearing the mask. "We should all have a right to protect ourselves," she said.
C. said her 11-year-old son wore a mask to elementary school and was not told to remove it. (You can find the original article here.)

P.S. I'm busy preparing for my show this weekend in Athens, but just had to pop in a second. Have a happy, panic-free May Day.
Now where's my Purell.


Thimbleanna said...

Oh so true -- Get. A. Grip. I can't believe how fast the whole thing is going haywire! Love the cute pic!

venus said...

Really. Seriously?! Like you said... COMMON SENSE... and then go wash you hands! Hee-hee, cracks me up!

Designs By CK said...

OMG ~ ScArY times well live in...scarier than Halloween! '-)

Popping in to say hello & enjoy your weekend.

Chris (-:

Suzanne said...

Happy May Day! Hope you have a great show, and sell out!....maybe leave your surgical mask at home?, lol!....but definitely take the soap!