Sunday, October 12, 2008

Whatever Happened to a Good Old-fashioned Duel?

Man Wielding Hammer Loses Duel to Man With Letter Opener in Florida
HOLLYWOOD, Fla. — Hollywood police say a man wielding a hammer lost a fight to a man with a letter opener. Police say the men were fighting early Thursday morning when they both grabbed their weapon. The man with the letter opener stabbed the other man. Someone then called 911. When officers arrived, the victim refused to cooperate or say what the argument was about. He's being treated at Memorial Regional Hospital. His condition is not yet known. The men's identities have not been released. (The original story was here.)

[Editor's note: This is my latest effort to keep my readers fully apprised as to the latest oddball news in this crazy world. I can't imagine what started this altercation , or the combatant's odd choices of weaponry. In my mind, this just sounds like a game of "Rock, Paper, Scissors" gone horribly wrong. ~cn]


Designs by CK said...

WEIRD!!! ;-)

Interesting story though...


Alias Liz Jones said...

That's crazy. Wonder if the man wanted to open a letter really bad and the man with the hammer wasn't having it? I would never, ever, go to a fight with only a letter opener. I would place my bet on the hammer. Evidently it was hammer time. Whatever happened to manners? I hope that I'm not publishing this comment twice. I screwed up captcha I think.