Monday, May 19, 2008

One Ring-y Ding-y

I swear I'm going to stop answering my phone. Many of you may recall some of the memorable text messages I've received recently. There's the infamous, "Can I vacuum glass?" . There's also, "What would you say if I said I got a tattoo?" And I'm still reeling from the call I received from my middle-est daughter (which was related to the rabid skunk attacking my elderly neighbor incident), "Mom, there's something upstairs that smells really, really bad."

And then yesterday came this call from our oldest: "Mom, can I borrow a couple of shovels?"

What on earth does a college kid need with a couple of shovels?! I've got nothing against shovels or people who use them, but this is college which is usually a place for books and pencils and computers and football. But shovels? Our son is a business major, mind you. A business major. What kind of business is he up to with a shovel? Is he looking for buried treasure--in a college town!? He's a good kid, and responsible, and level-headed, and smart, and never causes a bit of trouble; but my mind was racing from the randomness of the request and I couldn't help what blurted out of my mouth, "Maybe. . .um. . . this doesn't involve a dead body or anything, does it?"
Could it be that I've watched one too many CSI episodes?

Turns out my boy is helping some other college kids plant flowers for the Boys and Girls Club in our area. Whew. I knew it all along. :-)


Pam said...

Don't you just love those calls that begin with a seemingly innocent question?? I can remember calls like that from my daughters, and I could hardly hear anything else for all of the warning bells going off in my head!!
Thanks for the smiles-
Have a beautiful day,

Talisman said...

Yea, flowers would probably be the last place my mind would go if my kid called and asked to borrow a few shovels and I'm not a huge CSI fan. ;)

Senez said...

Saw that you had stumbled over to my blog...Figure I could return the favor and stumble back. Your children have a way of surprising you don't they?

Have a good one!

Weather Moose

Lori said...

that's really sweet that your boy is planting flowers for the boys and girls club...
i stopped answering my phone a LONG time ago...i don't pick up unless a name i recognize is displayed:)

Tipper said...

How funny! Kids are full of surprises even when they are in college I guess.

FifthChildStudio said...

You have a great way of writing about how life happens! I am still laughing!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Very funny!
And what good kids you have!
My daughter has been driving by herself for more than a year now, but my heart still skips a beat when she calls me while she's gone.
Those phone calls always keep us guessing!

softinthehead said...

I am laughing so hard right now! I never got to appreciate text messaging or cell phones when my kids were teens...pagers just hit the market then. The big thing when they were teens was answering machines. I had to put the kabosh on them touching mine because they would all take turns leaving random messages. It was always an adventure calling my house! Pam

Thimbleanna said...

You're SO funny! Count your blessings that you get those little missives in the form of a text message. We get them as phone calls, when we're at work and everyone around us can hear "You did WHAT?" So sorry to hear about your sweet puppy.

Enchanted Productions by Joyce Stahl said...

Holy cow! I can sooooo relate Cathy! I'm still laughing!! I have a college age son too! (Need I say more?) I haven't gotten the request for shovels yet...but I think I would've responded with the same question! I watch a lot of CSI too! LOL!

Thanks for stopping by my blog too. This is the first chance I've had to pop over for a visit! I absolutely love your work! I'll be adding you to my list of links! sozwo

Have an Enchanted week!

Heidi ( said...

AH ha ha ha! How funny!

Doreen said...

They do come up with some crazy things don't they!!! Mine are the same...and I would also add in..."Mom, can I have some money"..that's a favorite of my two!!!!

I was so sorry to read about Georgia...sending you a big hug. I apologize for it having been so long since my last hello.


Julie said...

Oh my goodness!!!
You are too funny! I am laughing so hard!

Yeah, the shovels scared me, too!
Then when I read that he's a business major, I started thinking....."hmmm, I haven't seen anything about Donald Trump missing?"

And look, he's just being a sweetie! Seriously, that is so sweet!


Lorraine said...

LOL!!! That is TOO FUNNY!! Isn't it funny how we're always expecting the worst??? What a good kid, doing some volunteer work:o)!

Mary Isabella said...

You had me laughing so hard I nearly fell off my chair. Have a great weekend sweetie.......Mary

Sabii Wabii said...

Out of five I'm down to the last one at home...well kind of...she does have a drivers license....I'm amazed at the phone calls that come here also. I guess I should be writing them down...All of us Moms could compile a pretty funny book!

Suzanne said...

Whew,indeed! Yep, flowers are a much nicer visual than the dead body scenario. Very funny Cathy!

bluemuf said...

Hi Cathy, So glad you stopped by for a visit. I couldn't help laughing at all your text messages and phone calls. Don't you just love it. This is what make great memories.


Anonymous said...

I was reminded of when my bro-in-law was at Stanford and the boys in the dorm decided to dig a tunnel to the girls dorm catter-corner to them. Everyday the boys dumped pails full of dirt out their ground-floor windows and moved a little marker across the green grass to indicate how close they were...I was too young to hear the end of that story!!

BittersweetPunkin said...

Great post...thanks for the laugh!!!