Monday, November 12, 2007

Juan Valdez and Computers, Not a Pretty Picture

Coffee is NOT "good to the last drop" if the last drop, (no, make that the last 1/2 cup) happens to land all over your keyboard. Finger's crossed that it'll dry out and suffer no ill effects. . . . so far so good, and it seems that my keyboard may have survived its brush with death. Only an occasional sticking of a few keys that took the worst of the java bath.

When I'm not pouring coffee on my computer, I'm busy working on some new Christmas things--a couple Santas, ornaments, etc. Hope to have something to show soon. Here's how one Santa looks at the moment--his head is wobbly, and he looks like a blind, Blackbelt Santa with wires for hands; but he'll eventually have a face, real hands and will be dressed in his traditional red--soon, I hope, because the snowman I'm also working on is feeling a bit intimidated.


Lori said...

THAT is why i never drink coffee by the 'puter, that is SO something that would happen to me!!!

LOVE the looks of this santa, i know he will be just magical!!!

Kitty Forseth said...

Oh Cathy!!

I just read your rabid skunk post, and your Juan Valdez story, you have been having quite the time there!! I hope that your car and home are fumigated and odor free.. and that your computer has recovered from its caffeine jolt.

Thank you so much for your kind comments n my blog :). The show was not a sell out, but good nonetheless. We all had a great time.

Love your work, it's wonderful!

Suzanne said...

Oh no! I hope you've dried you use creamer in your coffee? :) Love your Santa, can't wait to see him completed!