Saturday, August 18, 2007

McGregor's garden

It's been a real challenge in the garden this year especially, as Georgia has been in a drought. And what the crows and deer didn't get (all of my okra--not one plant left!) the 100 degree heat did. Our watermelons were thriving and just about ripe, when Mr. Sun decided to microwave them!

Here are a couple that survived.
I did manage to get some corn, a few tomatoes, a "mess" or two of green beans, and a good bit of squash before the really hot days arrived. We planted a vintage variety of cucumber, and had tons of it. We also had some volunteer gourds come up and I'm watching to see if they will produce anything useable. They just came up where I swept the porch of our garden house last fall after a few of my gourds split. They've made such a valiant effort to survive after being trampled a million times (and suffering through the ill-effects of my unwitting husband and his industrial-sized weed-eater)-- I just didn't have the heart to pull them up this Spring.

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