Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Here's an old ad I bought somewhere a few years ago. It's a bit tattered, but I liked it because the image of the little girl is just so sweet, and I loved the color of the background. (The scan just didn't quite capture the robin's egg color of the original.) I'm always on the lookout for vintage postcards and pictures from old books. And it's inspiration for a vintage book swap in which I'm participating, hosted by The Polka Dot Pixie. I know a couple of little shops in my area which might have a candidate for the swap.

And here's a book I"ve had since I was a little girl. It's really small, which is probably why it was always one of my favorites. The price in the corner says 5 cents. Wow, can't get much for 5 cents anymore, but I'm a bargain hunter.

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