Wednesday, April 14, 2010


“…a venturesome spirit impels me to use words of sight and sound whose meaning I can guess only from analogy and fancy. This hazardous game is half the delight, the frolic, of daily life.

I glow as I read of splendours which the eye alone can survey. Allusions to moonbeams and clouds do not emphasize the sense of my affliction: They carry my soul beyond affliction's narrow actuality. "

-Helen Keller

Monday, April 12, 2010

Twenty-one Years Ago.....

.....this sweet little princess was born.

Just look at our princess now....
(I love that little girl. :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Very Punny

This article appeared in our local paper about a month ago, and I think it qualifies as a worthy candidate for my "Weird and Wacky (and often humorous) News File." Incidentally, the headline is exactly as it appeared in the paper. Read on.......

The bread is toast after grocery fire
By Staff Reports - Athens Banner-Herald
Published Saturday, March 06, 2010
Barrow County firefighters rushed to the Publix on Loganville Highway on Friday morning after a load of bread caught fire.
A smoke alarm in the back of the grocery store triggered an automatic call for help, according to Lt. Scott Dakin, spokesman for the Barrow County Emergency Services Department.
Firefighters found smoke in the rear store room where someone had left a shopping cart full of bread near a heater, Dakin said. The heater ignited the bread, which caused little damage to the store.

[Editor's note: I'm glad that the fire caused only a small amount of damage--unless you happen to be a shopping cart full of bread. However, I can't help but wonder about the circumstances that led up to this unfortunate event. Maybe someone was just trying to keep their hot cross buns nice and "toasty," or perhaps this was an episode of "Hoarders" in the making. In all likelihood, it was probably just a case of being in the wrong shopping cart at the wrong time. Aside from a noticeable lack of American cheese (and, of course, the shopping cart) this just sounds like a typical Sunday lunch around our house, including the smoke and firetrucks. If you've been around Tadpoles and Teacups very long, you may remember this post . ~cn]


[P.S. If you like the pic, you can find it and others like it here -- for FREE!]