Monday, April 6, 2009

The Early Bird

It's spring break for my kids this week, but I was still up before the birds this morning. Lest you think I'm nuts, or superwoman or something, I must confess. . . every ounce of my being begged to stay in dreamland, snuggled in my warm bed. However, getting up before the crack of dawn did give me plenty of time to plan my day, and my week, and it also gave me time to relax and to quietly enjoy copious amounts of strong coffee before any other living being even thought about dragging out of bed. By my third cup of the black stuff, I even had time to ponder deep philosophical issues like, why is it called "climate change" now instead of global warming? And if the world pronounces Barack's last name, "O-bam-a," why don't we pronounce "A-la-bam-a" the same way? I'm just sayin.' And. . . where do all of the socks go?! My laundry basket has 17 different socks and not one matching pair--how is this even possible?
I also pondered the age-old truism about how the early bird always gets the worm. Now, just why is that? I'm quite sure that whoever came up with that piece of advice never had teenagers on spring break, or a nocturnal dog who dropped out of college but still keeps college-kid hours. And for that matter, if being the early-bird is so great and allows for greater opportunity, one might also look at it from the worm's perspective: all that the worm ever got out of getting up early was . . . eaten.
I need a nap.
(P.S. The painting above is one of my watercolors I did several years ago.)


TattingChic said...

ROFLOL! I never really did think of it from the worms perspective. Look at it this way. The worms nervous system is so underdeveloped that I don't think the worm ever really knows what hit 'im! It's all good.

Are you sure you didn't have just strong black coffee? Just how STRONG was it? What else did you put in there?


Just kidding. :)

Your watercolor is lovely! Such talent! Have a great day, now go ge that worm, early bird! :)

The Cutest Cottage Lamps said...

Hi Cathy, your painting is beautiful! I always love water colors. And I agree with you, getting up early may not get the worm, but it lets you get your day together before anyone else is up! A Peaceful time. And the coffee is so much better then!

Lori said...

my, aren't you thinking deep thoughts today...poor worm, i never considered this from his point of view...your watercolor is gorgeous...

Bone*Head*Studios said...

AHAHAHA!!! Thanks for enlightening us with your early morning musings, Love your beautiful watercolor!!!

cindy said...

You always make me laugh. And what a lovely little watercolor! You are to talented my little early bird! Too talented. :D


KarenHarveyCox said...

This is a wonderful perspective. I love your painting. I truly believe that there is a sock elf. Over the years I cannot even count the missing socks. You made me chuckle...I hope you got your nap. But you really did refresh me with a good laugh!


Lance said...

Hey stop by my blog for an award I left for you!

Tipper said...

Love the birdy and the post. I have to have my coffee before everyone wakes too-Although I don't usually think as deep as you :)that early in the morning!

twinklescrapbooks said...

You have talent! I was just going to say what a pretty print and turns out you painted it. :) Pretty bird!

Back Through Time said...

I applaud you for being able to be that energetic, seems like I hit the snooze a bit too much, lol. Wonder if any of my lonely socks would like to mate with yours???
Hope you are having a great week!

Carolee said...

Too funny, hehe! Your posts always make me giggle. :)

Gorgeous watercolor!

~ Carolee

Suzanne said...

Pretty bird! I hope you and the kids enjoyed spring break!

Jann said...

Beautiful painting, Cathy--and good questions! Still laughing, Jann