Monday, December 1, 2008

This. . .

. . . is what I found in my mailbox when I came home after only a few days out of town. Nineteen pieces of political junk mail. . . count 'em, nineteen. And I threw away a ton more of these before I even left town last week. It's ridiculous. My favorite in the picture above is the card with the finger pointing which tells me to "Give up, or fight back." Give up? Fight back? Is that a message to the likely voter or to the mailman for having to deal with so many extra pieces of mail? Poor guy. All this wasted paper (not to mention the overworked mail carriers) simply because we Georgians couldn't decide along with the rest of the country just who we wanted as our senator -- hopefully we'll be deciding it tomorrow in a run-off election.
And then there's all of the robo-phone calls we received in the past week or so. I've never been so popular! So far I've heard from at least one of the candidates, the candidate's wife, Sara Palin, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Fred Thompson, the NRA, the NRTL, the governor, and a few others I've never even heard of. When we returned on Sunday there were no less than 8 messages on the answering machine urging me not to forget to vote this Tuesday; and I've had at least 5 more calls today. I don't think I could forget to vote if I wanted to. :)


madrekarin said...

Ah, yes. Political post cards, the bane of my husband's existence. He is a mail carrier in Marietta and cannot wait for today to be over. I am on my way to vote, to help bring an end to the constant barragement of accusatory adverts on the TV and piles of fire starters in my post box.
Let's hope SOMEONE actually wins today!!

Jenni B said...

Hehe. I'm so glad the election is finally over!

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Jenni B

Designs by CK said...

Gotta LOVE that junk mail! '-)

Have a great week lady.


Lori said...

oh my!!!

Jacquelynne said...

You poor dear. I am still trying to shake the last election! Hope you start getting Christmas cards in the mail instead of election ones.