Friday, October 26, 2007

Deadlines Revisited.

Finally finished my Liberty Uncle Sam, and here's a sneak peek. He's available at The Primitive Gathering starting November 1. I just can't believe it's almost November. (Website updates are coming soon as well.) The birthday cake card was made by my 13 year old daughter for a friend, and I loved it so much that I had to snap a picture before she sent it.
And deadlines are still looming. . . I think my oldest daughter, who is a new college student, recently said it best. She was also agonizing over her own busy schedule of classes, papers due, upcoming tests, etc. which all seemed to be converging at once. I did my best to encourage her over the phone. Later that night, I sent her a text message (which is an accomplishment for me, in and of itself! I'm just now mastering the art of posting messages on blogs).
Anyway, I asked her if she was okay, and tried to offer some final, reassuring sage words of motherly wisdom: "Everyone feels overwhelmed sometimes, darling. It's called 'L-I-F-E'" To which she promptly messaged in return: "Life is like a box of chocolates. If you have too much at once you'll throw up." I'm feeling a bit queasy myself. Back to work.


Lori said...

your uncle sam is stunning!! i just love your work!!

Leigh said...


Amy said...

I love your Uncle Sam. Too too cute!!!!


Suzanne said...

Oh, he looks wonderful Cathy! Can't wait to see all of him. Glad I'm not the only one feeling the pressure of deadlines.

Lorraine said...

Your Uncle Sam is wonderful!! I hear ya about deadlines..LOL!!:o)

Jenn and Jacqui said...

Hi Cathy, really love your Uncle Sam!! Deadlines and pressure, not fun! Have a great week! Jenn and Jacqui

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

Hi Cathy! your work is always so fun!
Deadlines are like housework, right? You can only put them off so long . . but I like your daughter's take of life and chocolates!!
Big blessings